From our early history, Christians have observed the Advent and Christmas seasons not simply as holidays, but as holy days. In Advent, we prepare our hearts for Christ’s arriving. At Christmas, we joyfully celebrate His birth.

Today, as our culture celebrates an increasingly secular, commercialized version of “the holidays,” it’s more important than ever for Christians to keep Advent and Christmas. We need to reclaim these holy seasons — not for our culture, but for ourselves — and rediscover the life-giving practices that have shaped Christian faith and worship over the centuries.

At, we invite you to do that. Whatever your denominational background, whether you’re new to the faith or steeped in its traditions, this site is meant to be a guide for you — a comprehensive resource to help individuals, families, and churches journey through the Advent and Christmas seasons with Christ-centered expectancy and joy.

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If you're new to Advent and the Church Calendar, read our featured essay, From Holidays to Holy Days, for an introduction to the seasons. Then check out our Church Calendar page to learn more on how the Church keeps time.


  • Check out the Advent and Christmas pages to explore the practices, feastdays, and music that impart such rhythm and joy to the seasons.
  • Browse the Blog for everything from stories to family-friendly tips to book and movie reviews.

Our family has experienced such richness and joy in learning to observe Advent and Christmas as Christians have done through the centuries. We’re excited to be on this journey with you! We wish you a blessed Advent and a merry Christmas.


[Banner image: Canterbury Cathedral Choir, image credit.]