Advent is a season of preparation, a time of waiting and watching for Christ.

As we ready our hearts to celebrate Christmas in the coming days, our spiritual eyes also look ahead to end of days, when Christ will come again. In Advent, we are not simply preparing for a yearly festival. We are rehearsing for the ultimate feast, the great Marriage Supper, when Christ returns for His people.

Advent is when the anticipated joy of Christ’s first arrival puts us touch with our anticipated joy at His return. Advent is a joy that helps us hope.
— Holly Packiam, The Ache of Advent (Awakening Wonder Blog)

Practices for Advent

Practices impart a rhythm to the Advent season. The practices themselves are not the point, of course. They are simply signposts for our souls, gently pointing us toward Christ.

Advent Wreath

As winter darkness deepens, the Advent wreath is a growing circle of light — a beautiful symbol of our hope in Christ.

Advent Devotional 

Advent is about anticipating Christ's arrival. Count the days to Christmas with an Advent calendar and devotional. 

Deck the halls

Around the house, evergreen boughs and lights are joyous reminders that Christmas is near.