Free online Advent devotionals

Every year, several online Advent devotionals are made available for free. Here are three we recommend:

  • Daily: The Trinity School for Ministry is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition based in Pennsylvania. Sign up to here to have an Advent devotional sent to your inbox each day. Each devotional is short (a few paragraphs) with suggested Scripture readings.
  • Weekly: N.T. Wright Online is publishing a devotional reflection for each Sunday of Advent. Sign up here. This week's devotional is a rumination on one of my favorite Psalms: "Psalm 72 holds out for us a vision of a world aflame with glory; a world in which justice is done, especially for the poor and for those who have nobody to speak for them."
  • In depth: Rich Villodas, pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NYC, has published a "daily office" devotional guide that invites us into a rhythm of prayer through Advent. This guide is a real treasure. It's divided into four parts corresponding to common themes for Advent ("Restoring Hope", "Restoring Peace", "Restoring Joy", and "Restoring Love"), and each day contains times of silence, Scripture, a short devotional, and a question for reflection. 

Our Advent devotional page has several recommendations for devotionals for both kids and adults. Also check out our book reviews below.