Songs for Advent

One of our big goals at is to reacquaint Christians with the Church Calendar and recover Advent as a distinct sacred season

One way we do this in our own home is through music. Along with Christmas carols and winter songs, we mix in music that reflects the waiting, longing, and ache of Advent. Here's what we're listening to right now.

Advent by The Brilliance

We love pretty much anything by The Brilliance, and their Advent Volume 1, Advent Volume 2, and Advent B Sides are among our favorites. Follow our playlist on Spotify to listen. (Note: Advent Volume 2 is not available on Spotify, so check out iTunes.)

I have so many favorites on these albums. This year, "May You Find a Light" has risen to the top of my list:

There are weary travelers, searching everywhere you go.
Strangers who are searching, longing deeply to be known.
May you find a light.

Midwinter Carols by Joel Clarkson

I'm so grateful to have discovered Joel Clarkson's Midwinter Carols this year — a collection of eight ancient carols and two original interludes, all set to instrumental piano, that I can only describe as musically exquisite. I've put the album on our Spotify, and you can buy it on iTunes. 

Joel's rendition of the 17th-century "Sussex Carol" is especially delightful, not least because of the song's unusual, lilting rhythm. (Nobody uses the 6/4 time signature anymore!)

Advent 24: A playlist for Advent

We've curated a playlist for Advent that we call Advent 24 — 24 hymns and songs full of warning, sorrow, joy, ache, and hope. Check out the Advent 24 page for the playlist and lyrics, and listen on Spotify and YouTube